At Dorner, we understand the importance of sanitation and precision when handling delicate dairy and cheese products. That’s why our industry-leading conveyors are engineered to the highest hygienic standards while still maintaining exceptional speed and reliability benchmarks.

Benefits of Dorner’s Dairy & Cheese Conveyor Belts & Systems

Our line of sanitary conveyors are designed to meet the strict requirements of USDA Dairy regulations and 3-A Sanitary Standards. With over 40 years of experience handling a variety of dairy products like cheese slices, cheese blocks, mozzarella balls, bulk cheese shreds, brine tank extractions, and more, our range of expertise can custom design a system to meet your unique needs.

Our conveyors are built specifically to facilitate superior sanitation for the dairy and cheese industry. Features like polished stainless steel frames, minimized flat surfaces, and easy tool-less disassembly enable rapid and reliable cleaning procedures.

By reducing line cleaning times, Dorner sanitary conveyors drop downtimes between batches and mitigate contamination risks.

How Dorner’s Conveyors Can Help You

Safeguard Your Products

Our conveyors are engineered following strict sanitary guidelines to eliminate contamination risks and enable proactive inspection protocols — keeping your dairy and cheese products safe for public consumption. 

With minimized crevices and contact points, smooth stainless steel surfaces, and compatibility with rigorous washdown systems, our conveyors protect product quality throughout dairy and cheese processing. 

Dorner’s sanitary conveyors are designed to facilitate easy integration with quality monitoring technology such as metal detectors, vision inspection, and contamination sensors.

Simplify Sanitation

Our sanitary conveyor belts and systems will save you hours of manual cleaning work through easy disassembly and optional washdown modules, reducing time between production cycles to just minutes. 

By simplifying sanitation protocols, our conveyors help customers slash downtime spent on cleaning compliance. Our conveyors have features like:

  • Removable wear strips
  • Rounded frames
  • Quick-drop tail assemblies
  • Misting valves

Maximize Your Throughput

Our food-safe conveyor systems are purpose-built to expertly match your dairy or cheese production processes for smoother workflow and increased output. With custom routing, exact transfers and transitions, and optimal edge control, our conveyors sync directly into your process architecture for seamless operation. 

By consulting heavily upfront around your specific application requirements, we engineer systems tailored to your needs that reliably meet capacity targets. This helps avoid bottlenecks and roadblocks that hinder output.

Clean-in-Place Design

Maintaining sanitation in hard-to-access areas — like underneath the belt — can be a time consuming challenge. Cleaning, although necessary for safety, can also take away from valuable production time. Dorner’s clean-in-place (CIP) units for AquaPruf conveyors provide a smart sanitary solution, offering:

  • Less downtime
  • Sanitary wash down design
  • Improved cleaning efficiency

The CIP conveyors feature an automated washing system that reduces the time and labor required to keep your conveyors clean while also saving you water and energy.

Spray nozzles can be mounted on the interior and exterior of the conveyor, which allows cleaning both the top and bottom surfaces of the belt simultaneously without additional labor. For modular plastic chain belts, the CIP nozzles will force water and debris through the open hinges.

The CIP unit is constructed of fully welded stainless steel tubing to prevent potentially harmful bacteria (other biological hazards), and minimize horizontal surfaces where water can accumulate.

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AquaPruf® Series Conveyor

Dorner Conveyors AquaPruf Ultimate Conveyors

AquaPruf conveyors are designed for high pressure washdown with caustic cleaners.


Using an AquaPruf series conveyor from Dorner is a great way to move product along while maintaining sanitary requirements. The AquaPruf series is designed with food sanitation requirements in mind. These design features include:

  • Tip-up, tool-less pulleys and belt lifters for easy access for cleaning
  • Rounded cross members to eliminate horizontal edges
  • Solid UHMW wear strips for quick drainage and easy cleaning
  • V-guided belt tracking

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AquaGard® Series Conveyors

AquaGard 7400 Curve product image.

Dorner’s hygienically designed conveyors will give you confidence in your food handling equipment.


The AquaGard line of conveyors is designed for a wide variety of applications in sanitary environments that require conveyor wipe-downs. Features include:

  • Solid UHMW wear strips located in welded cross members for durable belt support
  • Frame constructed of TIG welded 304 stainless steel
  • Open design with minimal horizontal surfaces
  • Low-profile frame and flexible belt options

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The Benefits of Dorner’s 3-A Certified Conveyors

Dorner’s line of conveyors for dairy products are designed to meet 3-A Sanitary Standards and USDA Dairy regulations. By eliminating horizontal surfaces, blind spots and harbor points, food and water won’t accumulate, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria.

We also ensure easy access to all areas of the conveyor for cleaning, allowing you to keep lines running and the conveyor at the highest level of sanitation. Eliminating the chances of bacteria and contamination creates a safer conveyor and maintains the highest quality food products for consumers

The Importance of 3-A Certification

3-A Sanitary Standards were put in place to protect consumers from potential risks of food contamination. Ultimately, 3-A Sanitary Standards ensure that all parts of food processing and handling equipment are thoroughly and properly cleaned and sanitized to avoid the creation and build of bacterial charge. 

All of our conveyors meet stringent 3-A Sanitary Standards for the dairy and cheese industry, and are designed to satisfy a variety of industry requirements and regulations.

Engineered Solutions

At Dorner, we recognize that off-the-shelf conveyors don’t meet every customer’s needs, especially in highly specialized industries like dairy and cheese processing. That’s why our Engineered Solutions Group offers premier customization services tailored to fit your exact specifications and workflow.

Whether you require a basic straight line addition or a complex, multi-lane layout integrated with your existing equipment, our engineering team consults closely to understand your precise needs first. 


We then design and deliver a conveyor that seamlessly matches your production from A to Z — from raw ingredients through integrated quality control to the packaging of finished goods.

For sanitary food production like dairy and cheese, we build fully customized handling with food-grade stainless steel frames sized for easy, tool-less dismantling and washdown compatibility in minutes. 

Your conveyors become an optimized extension of your process architecture. Precision customization ensures reliable throughput, peak efficiency, and compliance with the latest sanitary standards.

Crafted for Your Success

Trust Dorner’s in-house engineering expertise through every step of planning, fabrication, testing, installation, and beyond. Our turnkey custom conveyors aim for maximum uptime while lowering maintenance demands, even under heavy use. When off-the-shelf won’t cut it, Dorner delivers specialized material handling solutions tailored to your exact needs.

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